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Welcome to Elite Sweeps

Elite Sweeps are a professional Chimney Sweep and Stove - Liner installation Service serving Wells, the South West, Somerset, Bristol, Bath and the surrounding area.

Elite Sweeps offer a fast and friendly, high-quality chimney sweep service for domestic and commercial customers. We can also provide a stove and liner installation service.

Our aim is to provide complete customer satisfaction, and our experienced engineers take pride in offering clean and efficient services at affordable prices. We understand the importance of cleanliness to our customers and we always ensure that our work is mess free.

We use powerful, modern equipment and up-to-the minute practices, performing a service that has been required for hundreds of years!

We often get comments that "Oh, you're very thorougher... our last sweep was in and out in 10 minutes!"

Email and sms-texts are a great way to contact us as we can't always answer the phone due to working or traveling, but we always check for messages and we will call you back!

Please look around our site and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Borescope Realtime Chimney Inspection

Reveal the true condition of your chimney in full colour!

Viewed on a laptop, we can inspect in real time the condition of your chimney.

We can quickly determine whether a chimney is blocked, a liner has failed, or repairs are required.

  • Have Repairs or Relining already taken place?
  • Have the repairs been carried out properly?
  • Does the new lining go right to the top of the chimney?

We can inspect the inner surface of your Chimney, in full colour. This will enable you to see precisely where in the chimney any work has taken place, or may be required.

  We look forward to seeing you soon!