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Our Services

Elite Sweeps understand that one of the most important parts of a chimney sweeping service is to keep your house clean. Our sweeping methods ensure a very clean sweeping service. We keep our vacuum running through the procedure to prevent any soot from escaping. Rest assured that we take all precautions to keep your room clean and tidy.

Modern Sweeping

Ideally we require at least an hour per sweep to ensure a professional and mess free job is achieved. The area around the fireplace will need to be cleared to allow us to lay out our equipment.

Special soot sheets will be overlayed on your floors and fabrics for protection. We would ask that any items or ornaments around the fireplace are removed for safety. Last but not least, we would require an electric socket to plug our industrial vacuum. Then we can begin!

Bird Nest Removal

Occasionally a bird or a squirrel may wish to temporarily take residence in your chimney. The first signs of this would be the presence of twigs and nesting material visible in your fireplace. As well as causing a mess, this blockage can cause lethal carbon monoxide to build up up in your room.

Smoke can also enter and cause much damage to your prized possessions, never mind the possibility of a chimney fire!

Bird Guards and Cowls

Whether you have an active chimney or not, a bird guard or cowl is necessary to prevent bird or squirrel entry. A cowl can also prevent rain falling down the chimney and damp. All issues relating to the above can be discussed and rectified.

Please contact us and we will assess and recommend the correct type of bird guard or cowl needed for your particular situation.

Chimney Liner Installation

Leaking chimney flues are the main reason to have a flexible liner installed with your multifuel stove. They also make your stove work better because metal conducts heat quicker and makes the stove draw properly. Without a flexible liner being installed your chimney could start to leak a few years after the chimney passed an integrity test.

Leaking chimneys can build up soot deposits in adjacent flues which pose a real chimney fire risk as well as an obvious risk of smoke inhalation in your bedrooms or your neighbour’s house.

We recommend installing a flexible lining system with every new multifuel/wood burning stove into all chimney flues, whether they are leaking or not.